I was terrified of bones to begin with.

As a child, I remember walking through the backyards of the houses between mine and a friend's at the opposite end of the street. The inhabitants of one yard between had decorated their back fence post with a cow skull. Horrified, as we would pass the monstrous figure I would block my peripheral vision with my hand so as not to gaze upon it. Later, another friend had a secret to show me in her yard. Behind two shrubs that flanked the garage door was a pile of cow bones of which she was very proud. I immediately called my mother to take me home.

This series is based on a nightmare I had as a child. In the dream I was a boy; a young knight with a knife and shield, and it was my duty to kill the dragon that was haunting my community. In an open field I encountered the beast, and with some preparation, launched my weapon. Just as it hit, the dragon let out a terrible dying cry and fell from the sky, raining bones on the ground. Firightened and guilty, I crouched and covered myself, barely dodging the ribs that caged me beneath them. This series on 35mm film explores childhood questions about death.