The Adytum was my graduate thesis exhibition. As installation, the space was created to be a theater with pew seating in order to comment on the role of the film industry where church once held that place in society. The film itself follows the coming of age of Kloeshi, whose birth into a convent of prostitutes is also the death of her mother. Commenting on themes of religion and power, spirituality and animal nature, I sought to explore the convential morality tale in a less linear format and focus instead on a story told through a culmination of sense experiences, repeated themes, and intuited plot. I wanted music to drive the story and not the other way around. The dialogue, written in a fake language I created to disempower the viewer from the luxury of taking anything literally, was interwoven with Joey Crane's haunting score giving personality to even the circumstances surrounding the characters, so that the personalities within the story become part of a larger being.